World Islamic Indices

FTSE SGX Asia Shariah 6,950.59 ▲39.65 (0.57%)
FBMEMAS MYR12,740.72 ▲54.84 (0.43%)
FBMS MYR13,072.65 ▲63.16 (0.49%)
Dow Jones Islamic Market Index 3,257.38 ▲18.04 (0.56%)
Dow Jones Islamic Market U.K. Index 2,253.33 ▲5.16 (0.23%)
Dow Jones Islamic Market Canada Index 1,642.64 ▲5.51 (0.34%)

FTSE SGX Asia Shariah

Company ID [INDEXFTSE:SGS100] Last trade:6,950.59 Trade time:4:30PM GMT+1 Value change:▲39.65 (0.57%)


Company ID [INDEXFTSE:FBMEMAS] Last trade:MYR12,740.72 Trade time:4:30PM GMT+1 Value change:▲54.84 (0.43%)


Company ID [INDEXFTSE:FBMS] Last trade:MYR13,072.65 Trade time:4:30PM GMT+1 Value change:▲63.16 (0.49%)

Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia/Pacific Index

Company ID [INDEXDJX:DJIAP] Last trade:1,769.48 Trade time:7:08PM EDT Value change:▲16.19 (0.92%)

Dow Jones Islamic Market Index

Company ID [INDEXDJX:DJIM] Last trade:3,257.38 Trade time:7:08PM EDT Value change:▲18.04 (0.56%)

Dow Jones Islamic Market U.K. Index

Company ID [INDEXDJX:DJIUK] Last trade:2,253.33 Trade time:7:08PM EDT Value change:▲5.16 (0.23%)

Dow Jones Islamic Market Canada Index

Company ID [INDEXDJX:DJICA] Last trade:1,642.64 Trade time:7:08PM EDT Value change:▲5.51 (0.34%)

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AREIFC 2013: Riba-free financing in United States - Speech by Dr Yahia Abdul Rahman, chairman of California-based Bank of Whittier and LARIBA Finance House

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Since I began tracking the Singapore stock market in 1981, there has been a set pattern of behaviour which medium to long term investors could follow to reap big profits.


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Takaful Versus Conventional Insurance

Islam prohibits conventional insurance as its operation involves uncertainty (gharar), interest (riba) and maysir (gambling), said Nurdianawati Irwani Abdullah, a lecturer at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

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